hi, i'm madie! feel free to use any kin names too idrc that much lol

she/her - lesbian - taurus - istp

i own two zebra finches named oasis and acacia, plan to work somewhere in the veterinary field, and have very strong beliefs about animal care.

i'm a furry in the sense that i like to draw sparkledogs. i do not own a fursuit but i think it would be cool to some day.

i love!!! so many things
-warrior cats
-mario games
-cats the musical
-dogs...esp big dumb mutts
-doctor who

these are my biggest comfort characters rn!!

-dovewing - warrior cats
-leapool - warrior cats
-hollyleaf - warrior cats
-fernsong - warrior cats
-sam winchester - spn
-jack kline - spn
-tenth doctor - dw
-captain jack harkness - dw

if u also love these characters...feel free to send a long winded rant in my pms because i will fall in love with u

welcome to hell!! :D

main kins atm
i kin for coping babey! red is current shift/main kin

-ivypool - warrior cats
-mothwing - warrior cats
-bluestar - warrior cats
-shadowsight - warrior cats
-rose tyler - doctor who

!!please dont call me queer or any other slurs, i dont reclaim them!!

-terfs stay as far away as possible. and then get further.
-racists, sexists, lgbtphobes, etc etc u get it
-hazbin hotel stans
-pedos, maps, whatever idc stay away
-straight pride people
-people who ship incest/pedo/etc (is it called anti-antis? i think so. yall stay away from my profile)
-and just for extra good measure, terfs :)